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"You guys are GREAT! What a terrific show you have [...]!"

Michael Lowenstern, Manhattan School of Music (10/2010)


Faltenradio on Radio Maria

25.09.2015 17:03
Listen to a nice little radio feature about Faltenradio on 17th of october 2015 in the show "Hoamatklang" on Radio Maria! Click here for information and livestream!

Faltenradio on NDR

08.07.2015 12:48
To view a great little film and a nice review about our concerts in Northern Germany this June click here and enjoy!

Great New Review from Linz!

16.02.2015 11:54
Click here to read a great review in "Oberösterreichische Nachrichten" from our BEST OF Show in Linz on the 13th of february 2015!