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"You guys are GREAT! What a terrific show you have [...]!"

Michael Lowenstern, Manhattan School of Music (10/2010)


Some News!!

23.06.2014 13:36
To view a new great review about Faltenradio in "Schwäbische Zeitung" (Germany) click here! To watch some photos from our Faltenradio-Tour in June 2014 join our facebook-page and have fun!

3 new Faltenradio Videos

01.04.2014 23:30
To watch 3 brandnew videos of Faltenradio live @ Wirtshausmusikanten (BR) click the links below: Hummeflug live @ Wirtshausmusikanten (BR) Faltenradio Polka live @ Wirtshausmusikanten (BR) Transes...

Faltenradio on ServusTV

13.03.2014 18:08
Exactly one year ago we've had a blast touring to Potsdam and Dechow, accompanied by some amazing people from Degn Film/ServusTV - don't miss the rerun of "Faltenradio - off to Potsdam!" on friday,...